Blitz & 1 Free Session Links

If somone messages and asks to join our 6 Week Blitz copy the link below and send it to them

If we are running a 4 Week Blitz and someone asks then send them this link

If somone enquires and wants to do 1 FREE Sesion then direct them to our Join Us page

If somone enquires and wants to find out more abour Blitz then direct them to the Home page

If someone has already done 1 FREE Session and wants to join our 6 Week programme then they will have already registered with Club Manager and be using the APP so simply advise them to open their app and click on the 'Join Now' button

 Membership Links

The 3 per week and unlimited membership options will show to Blitzers who are doing the 6 Week Blitz in the APP so advise them to check there if they ask

However should you ever need to send them to anyone use the link below

Where a 2 per week or 1 per week monthly option is given use the relevant club manager link below

2 per week - £45

1 per week - £30