Sammie's Story


 gym in Somerset and Street

"I joined Blitz in September 2023 after not doing any exercise for a number of years and wondering why I felt sluggish, tired and heavier than I have ever been (I work at my desk all day too!)

My confidence was low and I knew I needed to start being more active not only for my self esteem but for health reasons.

I can't speak highly enough of my Blitz journey, the most positive environment and a bunch of amazing PTs who support you on your fitness journey.

What I love is the 30 min workout so you can get on with your day, different program each time I go in so you don't get bored and also individual support and warmth from the whole team.

This is the best decision I've ever made and I actually look forward to working out! I'm building my strength and confidence and have never felt better!

Thank you to the whole Blitz family for making me feel so welcome whilst understanding my individual fitness goal"


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