At Holistic Fitness Club we believe physical, mental, and emotional well-being are intrinsic.

Our comprehensive programs are meticulously crafted to nurture all three facets of your health, featuring a diverse range of interactive fitness classes and personalised training options. With a passionate and experienced team at the helm, we are committed to fostering a supportive community that promotes personal growth and empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential.



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A safe space for fitness and wellbeing

Our primary objective as a gym in Somerset is to establish a secure and inclusive environment where individuals can embark on their journey towards improved overall health. By prioritising holistic well-being, we strive to enhance self-esteem and inner harmony, ultimately fostering increased confidence and resilience in all aspects of life. Our dedicated instructors possess extensive knowledge and are wholeheartedly dedicated to assisting members in achieving their goals within a warm and encouraging atmosphere.



Helping you to put your health first

At Holistic Fitness Club, we firmly believe that good health is invaluable, and we are here to provide guidance and unwavering support to our members to help them achieve their personal goals. Through consistent dedication and self-belief, our members can achieve great improvements in their strength, stamina, posture, and general wellbeing. Join us today and take control of your future by investing in yourself to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Various people performing their HIIT workouts in Holistic Fitness Club



Blitz HIIT at Holistic Fitness Club

With Blitz HIIT, you can get a full body workout in just 30 minutes! Our cardio based sessions consist of 20 varied exercises that span the whole body. Every exercise lasts no more than one minute and is followed by 30 seconds of rest. It's an efficient way to improve your cardio-vascular system, build stamina, and burn calories quickly without spending hours on the treadmill.

Our strength based sessions are designed to target all major muscle groups - push, pull, hinge, squat and carry. You'll move from station to station doing 30 seconds of exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest for three rounds at each station.

We also use other interval timings to keep your body challenged and motivated.

Why wait! Start your Blitz HIIT workout today and get ready to see amazing results!

Let's get started!